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Don’t Walk Down Fourth Street With A Trombone: Spooky Erotica | Erotica Review

RLL trombone.jpg

CW: hard drug use, addiction, unprotected sex, death, body horror

Grab a cup of coffee and get disappointed because there will be no dooting this episode. No spooky scary skeletons in the least, just some pretentious dude from PA writing Literary Fiction and disguising it as “erotica.” Join Jarred and Gavin as they try to make sense of this story about a dude taking hard drugs so he can fuck a ghost. Trombones are plot important. It’s got a succubus ghost, it’s got oddly specific and legit trivia about Easton, PA, it’s got a fuckton of trombone, yet it’s still a waste of time.

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Seduced by the Pumpkin Spice Latte | Erotica Review

pumpkin thumb.jpg

CW: foodplay, public, temperature play, ffm

It’s time to latte up and join Aiya and Alicia as they take a trip to a magical two-story Starbucks in which this erotica’s protagonist loses all sense of reality “having sex” with a PSL. Then a threesome happens. Yeah.

Also, fair warning, the actual worst neighbors in the world decided to have a square dancing competition or some shit above Aiya’s room so there are regular thumping sounds. Perhaps you could pretend it’s a delcious PSL being delivered to you soon.

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Alien Love (Abducted By Aliens Series Book 1) | Erotica Review

alien love thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, alien, threesome, age gap, mfm, public

Blast off together with brand new librarian Diane as she and Gavin try to wrap their hands around a free alien abduction erotica that has very little abduction and lots of confusing word choices. Hope you didn’t have a particularly fond attachment to the word “cavity” before listening to this.

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Someone to Cuttle (Gay Cuttlefish Shapeshifter Erotica) | Erotica Review


CW: shapeshifting, unprotected sex, mm, fluids

Jarred joins the ranks of the RLL with a decidedly tropical first outing. Grab your snorkle gear and most flattering swim suit as we head down to the beaches of Austrailia (maybe?) and get hit on by a cephalopod. Also there’s some sex and as usual Amazon are absolute cowards when it comes to shapeshifter porn.

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Taken by the Minotaur Herd: A Virgin’s Discovery (Dark Fantasy, Menage)| Erotica Review

minotaur thumb.jpg

CW: sweat, musk, dubious consent, semi-beastiality, virginity

Don’t have a cow, have half of one in this week’s episode as monster fucking expert Erin Kyan joins librarian Gavin in reviewing a story about an amateur archeologist getting kidnapped by a herd of minotaurs.

Well, they’re as minotaur as they can be without violating Amazon’s puritanical erotica guidelines, at least.

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Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures | Erotica Review

dark rides thumb.jpg

CW: MFM, FM, D/S, spanking, public, unprotected sex

Disney World gets a bit less magical and bit more horny as Gavin and special guest Alice White review Blu Carson’s 200 page epic about an author self-insert character getting into a variety of interesting sexcapades inbetween rants about how the park used to be cooler.

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